Sunday, October 10, 2010

How To Bend Air

Hello! We are going to teach you how to Airbend/Aerokinesis. First let's start with basic things.

    1. Airbend/Aerokinesis is REAL.
    2. NEVER EVER give up from Bend
    3. We are going to teach you how to Realy bend.

  1-Prepare yourself
  2-Become One
  3-Move it

  Defenition: The mental manipulation of Air. Airbenders are able to influence the motion of air, not create it. To use Airbend you need to have air around you (That means you can't use airbending on Space)

  • Step 1 - Prepare Yourself
This step is to, as the the title says, to prepare yourself to the exercises. You should be prepared while you read to try something you think it's oportune. Ok, go to a place with free air and then meditate for 3 minutes. Now, you are ready to start readyng and making the exercieses.          

  • Step 2 - Become One
This 2nd step is very important: It's the base to learn airbend. You have to become one with air. Remember: there is no separation between you and the air. Try to imagine the air like your fingers or any other part of your body - It's part of you. What you do is to take few deep breaths and focus on the object.

You tell yourself that the
air is a part of you. Try to find a link between you and the air. Try to feel what it is like to be the air... I'm dead serious. Try to remember how the air moves and define it as your own movement... Try to hear the sounds it may produce. Try to see it in your head from different viewpoints, without actually moving yourself. Try to sense its surface as you sense the surface of your skin...

It's difficult to explain, but all those things together, when you focus hard enough, give you (after some time) a strong feeling of the
air. Even a feeling of power may overwhelm you. A feeling where you are 100% sure you can influence it. A feeling where you really feel that you are one with it. A feeling that becomes stronger and more solid as you keep practicing.

After some time it'll become relatively easy to "sense" the objects you concentrate on. You'll see a tree and get an instant inner feeling of it. You'll get better at it every time you try it. 

Now when you get a good, stable, strong feeling of the air, then you have established something I call energy link between the air and yourself. If the link is weak or relatively unstable it'll be more difficult to make the air move later. And when this step is over, let's go to another One!

  • Step 3 - Move it 

Now you have established a good energy link. You can feel the air. You are one with it. At this point, as mentioned earlier, you might notice a strong feeling of power over the air. It's like if you look at your hand and are sure that the next moment you are going to move it. This might cause even random reactions of your body: you try to move the air and suddenly your hand moves forward. When these random movements happen, you just have to relax and try to "sense" the air better. They happen only because you are too excited and you have to calm down.

Don't worry about the need to move the air. It's not exactly like moving your arm where you have to urge yourself. Give yourself the time and make sure your mind is clear. Do not worry, your body knows about your purposes. And you'll move the air as soon as you are ready for it. In some way it's like surfing, you do your best and wait for the wave to catch it.

When the moment comes the air will start to move and you'll know you're moving it.

Moving something with your mind (telekinesis) gives you a strange feeling that is hard to define. How is it moved? The catchy phrase "Just do it," explains a lot but also nothing at the same time.

If I analyze the feeling I can only find an analogue in a strong feeling of confidence. Remember the last time you were shooting baskets? The feeling when you knew you weren't going to miss even before you threw the ball? Or take a calculator and press "2" "+" "2". Do you have confidence about the result when you press "="? That might be a cheap analogy, but in some way it's a unique thing I can think of.

You can also say it's like moving your arms, but at the same time it doesn't feel completely like that, since there are no muscles between you and the air.

My suggestion is: you try it out yourself.

So when you get the feeling of the object, don't urge yourself and keep in mind your objective. Your inner self (subconscious) knows the aim and will try everything possible to move the air as your attention increases.

The time will come and the air will start to move.

  • Exercieses
For this exercise you need to be prepared (If you are not, go check the "Prepare Yourself"). 
  1. Try to foucus in the air; think in the air moving and try to make wind. This can take 3 Days.
  2. Try to make wind and then, try to control it. This can take 7-8days
  3. Try to make a ball ofg air in your hands and then, try to control it. This can take 2-3 Weeks
  4. Try to make step 3 and then try to throw it. This can take 1-2 Months
This training can be made in months and half.. And wen you can make correctly all of this, YOU ARE AN AIRBENDER!!!


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  2. I did this once... I stood out in a field and concentrated on the air around me and my chi. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with power and it grew until I felt it would explode and this gush of wind blew around me... and the wierd thing was I knew it was comming. I could sense it. is this what you are talking about?

  3. I am able to move air currents. It's really cool :) all it is is nature reacting to your energy. Everything flows into all things. It's all energy. The wind is the easiest to work with. Practice some energy exercises, clear your chakras, and be calm, focus, have no doubt, and there is nothing you can't do :)

    1. How did u do it contact me on email:

  4. Me up to Exersize COME ON DONT LET ME DOWN(My Keboard is Spanish mi using iPad)

  5. Is there other techniques to airbend because I find it nearly impossible to do and when I
    Become calm enough and clear my thoughts my head starts to pound and make me feel dizzy like I'm about to pass out. It sort of scares me so please help.

  6. I've reading a lot of sites about kinesis lately, and this one is the one that really look that is saying the truth. If i'm right, don't care about evil-ish comments. They are just 21 century people that think know everything in the world. Love you blog, don't stop writing!


  8. I found out I am a natural air bender on a test and then I meditated the first 3 minutes and then I visioned the air stabbing so I stopped wew that was scary ANNY WAYYY I believe that you all have a bending power do go try air then if that works YOU ARE A AIRBENDER BUT ANSWER FROM THE HEART!So have a nice day with your new bending! Hopefully we will meet again and sorry for my last comment it was not nice so please forgive me for the words I said but we all must master our bending before we go to the next then we try to master the next and next and next and then youget the point the last 2 bending modes are Ying (good chi) Yang (bad chi).Fairwell!

  9. Hi I am back just to let you know that....wait

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  11. Funny.Don't let me don't let me don't let me down

  12. Please save your rude comments for the war.THE WAR OF NATIONS.Please tell me what nation you are because I am a airbender.I think I am one of thousands